The BCS dress code ensures that students are modestly and appropriately dressed for school. At all times on campus or during school-sponsored activities, Bethesda students’ clothing should fit properly, and the overall appearance should be neat, modest, and non-offensive. Students should conform to the following dress code during school hours:


Shirts that are acceptable include button-down shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, quarter-zips, Henleys, turtlenecks, modest V-necks, sweaters, etc. Girls may wear nice, collarless blouses. Shirts with crew necks are not allowed (i.e., no T-shirts, sweatshirts, or jerseys). No crop tops, halter tops, low-cut, sheer, or sleeveless shirts are permitted. Shirts may display patterns but should not depict any pictures, words, or messages other than a discreet logo. The one exception to the “no crew neck” rule is that official Bethesda spirit wear may be worn on any school day, even if it has a crew neck. Dress shirts may be worn unbuttoned, provided that any visible undershirts do not depict any pictures, words, or messages other than a discreet logo.


Pants that are acceptable include both long pants and short pants. Pants should fit properly (not too saggy or too tight) and should be in good condition (not torn or frayed). Shorts should have hemlines no higher than two inches above the knee. Sweatpants / athletic pants (whether short or long) are not allowed. (Not even BCS sweatpants are allowed during the school day.)


Skirts / Dresses: Female students may wear skirts or dresses, provided that hemlines are no higher than two inches above the knee, and they must comply with the rest of the dress code (not too short, too tight, low-cut, etc.). Leggings are only permitted when worn under appropriate skirts / dresses.


Outerwear such as jackets / coats may be worn, provided that a dress-code appropriate shirt is worn underneath – and provided that they do not have pictures, words, or messages other than a discreet logo.


Shoes must be worn on campus. Elementary students should not wear sandals without heel straps. Clean athletic shoes must be worn for PE.


Socks should be worn by elementary students in order to play in the indoor sports areas on days when it is too cold or wet to play outside. Students should keep an extra pair of socks in their locker for this purpose.


Headwear: Hats (and hoods) may be worn outside the school building – provided they do not have inappropriate logos, etc.), but they may not be worn inside.


Jewelry should not be extreme. For male students, this includes (but is not limited to) earrings. For female students this includes (but is not limited to) hoop-style nose rings; small nose studs are acceptable. For all students, facial jewelry such as eyebrow rings and lip rings are considered unacceptable.


Undergarments should not be visible.


Hairstyles must be of a natural color and not extreme. For male students, extreme hairstyles include (but are not limited to) mohawks, ponytails, man buns, etc. Boys’ hair should not obstruct the eyes, or completely cover the ears, or descend beneath a T-shirt neckline in the back. Hair bands are acceptable during after-school athletics, but not during the school day. Any facial hair should be kept neatly trimmed. For girls, extreme hairstyles include (but are not limited to) very short buzz cuts, or hair that obstructs the eyes, etc.


PE attire may consist of T-shirts, sweatshirts, gym shorts, sweatpants, etc. No clothing that is immodest or offensive is allowed. PE attire may only be worn during PE class and nowhere else. PE shorts may be no shorter than mid-thigh length, and they may not be totally covered by long shirts.


For students in grades 7-12, each dress code violation is considered a demerit.

In addition, a dress code violation will result in the student being given the opportunity to immediately change into dress-code appropriate attire and/or for a parent to bring them appropriate clothing from home. Otherwise, they will receive a replacement shirt to wear for the rest of the day, in exchange for the student’s phone. At the end of the day, students may exchange their replacement shirt for their phone.