A private Christian education is a significant financial investment. At BCS, we are committed to offering an excellent educational experience at an affordable cost. Our desire is for families to access the maximum amount of financial assistance available, based on need, through scholarships, discounts, and financial aid. For all BCS families, we encourage education savings plans and participation in RaiseRight fundraising to assist with expenses. If additional financial funding or guidance is needed, please reach out to us!

Michael Fracassa

Finance Director


Indiana Choice Scholarship Program

Scholarships range from $5,700-$6,700 per student, per year. There are a several tracks by which families can qualify for this aid in addition to household income guidelines. More information can be found at the Indiana Department of Education website.

SGO Scholarships

Certified Scholarship Granting Organizations provide scholarships to eligible students using funding from private donations that are eligible for a tax credit. These funds help families cover remaining tuition that the Choice Scholarship may not cover. SGO scholarships are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Multiple Child Discount

For families with multiple children attending BCS in grades PK3–12, we offer a multi-child discount. The second child attending receives a 7% discount, the third child receives a 14% discount, the 4th child receives a 21% discount, with a maximum discount of 35% for the 6th child, and beyond.

Financial Aid

If a BCS family believes additional financial assistance is needed beyond the Indiana Choice Scholarship, SGO Scholarship, or Multiple Child Discount, they may contact:

Mike Fracassa, Finance Director
317-858-2823 x2233


529 Savings Plan

Originally created to encourage families to save for higher education, 529 Savings Plans can also be used to pay for K-12 tuition expenses. Indiana offers a tax credit of 20% (up to $1,500 per year) for contributions to these plans.

RaiseRight Fundraising

RaiseRight Fundraising allows money earned from a percentage of specific gift card purchases to go directly towards a family’s tuition.