The BCS Art Department nurtures and develops in each student artist the knowledge, skill, and understanding of the visual arts for the praise and glory of God, the Supreme Artist.

Art students learn and explore God’s order, design, and beauty found in the elements and principles of design. Students at each grade level are exposed to art history and art production while developing an appreciation for God’s creation and the creativity in which God has given man. Through the scope of the art program, students have the opportunity to become confident creators, more attentive observers, thoughtful decision makers, and creative worshipers.

Each year, the art department holds an art show in conjunction with the school’s spring music concerts. All art students will have a piece of artwork displayed and have the opportunity to share their creativity with the BCS community.

Students have the opportunity to share created work via individual art accounts online. Accounts are created at the beginning of each school year and links are emailed to approved friends and family members.

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Ben Roach

Art and Computer


BCS Elementary art students are challenged to develop their creative gifts as a reflection of their Creator. Student artists explore their creativity while learning about the basic elements of art, including line, shape, color, value, texture, space, form.


Middle School art students build on prior knowledge of the basic art elements and move beyond to learn about the art principles of design, including, pattern, rhythm, balance, contrast, movement, emphasis, unity. Student artists have the opportunity to work with different mediums and develop their understanding of art as a problem solving activity.


Advanced Art (High School) focuses on techniques and processes in both 2D and 3D art. Emphasis is placed on continued growth and intellectual curiosity in understanding and applying the elements/principles of art. Student artists have the opportunity to communicate original ideas and interpret them through the use of varied art techniques and mediums. Students participate in group critiques and exhibit increased maturity and discernment in visual literacy.