Rise Up & Build Campaign

Bethesda Christian School’s “Rise Up and Build” Capital Campaign aims to construct an additional academic building as well as a new multi-purpose gymnatorium. This expansion wing will allow us to reach more students with a God-honoring education, thereby enabling them to impact their world for Christ.

From 2020 to 2023, God grew our BCS student enrollment from 240 to 565 (130% over 3 years), to the point where the school was nearly at maximum capacity (at two classes per grade level). Faced with this dilemma, our school leadership sought wisdom from the Lord as to how to proceed. Today the school administration, school board, and pastoral team are aligned in believing that God is leading us forward to build an expansion wing so that more families can enjoy a Christ-centered education.

The new expansion will consist of two connected buildings: Phase 1 is an academic building with 18 classrooms and office space will enable us to accommodate approximately 330 additional students (i.e., a third class per grade level). Phase 2 is a new gymnatorium will provide us with a third gym as well as an improved stage to serve as a venue for theatre performances and other events. Our expansion plans also include an enlargement of our existing kitchen. 

God has blessed Bethesda with plenty of acreage, a strong financial outlook, a location within fast-growing Hendricks County, and a robust Indiana Choice voucher program. These factors, combined with the godless direction of our nation, have increased the demand for excellent education from a Biblical worldview, and we want to be faithful stewards of what God has given us.

We are seeking those who will support us through prayer as well as through monetary gifts. Would you consider joining us as we rise up and build for God’s glory?